Rule Point Structure: Green Rider, 2017

Green Rules for 2017

New Rule Point Structure for 2017

Green 1 will need less than 200 points or less than $200 in earnings now for the Jacket / youth will need less than 75 points. When you receive the 200 points, the NRHA will send you your jacket. At 200 points you graduate out of Green 1 at the end of the show year.
Green 2 will need less than 350 points or less than $350 in earnings now for the belt buckle/youth will need less than 175 points. When you receive the 350, NRHA will award you the buckle.

You can continue to show at these levels until the end of the show year.

In 2016, if you received 50 or 100 points, you may continue to show in the Green for 2017 because of the point change. However, if you received either the jacket or the buckle, you are no longer eligible to receive jacket or buckle from the NRHA.

Also new this year, your points will accumulate based on the number of horses in your class. If there are 30 horses first place will receive 30 points, second 29 points and down the line.

You will not receive any points for a scratch or a zero score.

Remember simple lead changes are allowed.

Green and Entry Level Ride & Slide classes can use one or two hands at any time during the pattern. Index finger only between split reins is permitted.

More information available online or in the 2017 handbook