News Flash! MWRHA Sponsor Challenge

Bob Ebeling and Michele Mackiewicz of Aspen Ridge Performance Horses are proposing a challenge to the MWRHA membership.

What they have proposed is the following. The MW Reiners are in need of Ad’s and sponsors to help support the club. Currently there are only 35 ad’s that have renewed from last year. There challenge to the membership is to increase that number by 50%! The challenge is to get 18 more ad’s before 2/25/17. All you have to do is ASK for a business card from your hay provider, dog groomer, vet, your employer, feed store, farrier etc.  A business card ad is $50 and over sized business card ad is $75. If the goal is reached , Bob and Michele will donate a weekend high point award for the Green 1 & Rookie 1 classes at the August Extravaganza show.

There are additional sponsorships packages listed on the web page or view sponsorship packages HERE. Please take a look and see if you can bring in an Ad.  Depending on the dollar amount could get you free stalls.

Thank you for everyone who attended the awards banquet .

A special thank you to Judy Friedman , Laura Miller, Laura Daniels for help at the sign in table. It gets hectic with banquet payments, membership and raffle tickets but these lady’s did an outstanding job .

Also thank you to Linda Norman and Norbert Glynn for helping with the awards.

Some changes for this year we lost the Springfield Fair show but added the Western Celebration Show in Madison Wis. Those dates ( September 14-16 which will have a slate an half show will also include Ranch Riding on September 13th and a Western Horse Confirmation class,  and that day has yet to be determined. When the show bill is complete you will find on our web page.